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Frenquently Asked Questions

Frenquently Asked Questions



What is an ISP proxy?

Where are the proxies located?

Are the proxies data rated or metered?

What is an expected proxy speed?

My proxies are banned, did I buy the right ones?

Can I swap my proxies?

What is the difference between a subnet and a public range?

What should I use as a target site when testing with the Hype Proxy Tester?

Can I renew 25 proxies even though I initially purchased 10?

Can proxy be run 24/7?

Does the proxy work on shopify proxy protection (pp)?

What’s the highest task:proxy ratio?

Do you tolerate abuse of proxies with a small proxy list?

My proxies are not working, what should I do?

Can I get a new list of proxies when renewing?

Do you sell IP authenticated proxies?

Does the proxy work on Supreme?

What is the difference between Sprint, AT&T and Verizon?



I just purchased a Baremetal but it is still showing pending. What should I do?

What is the difference between Virtual Machine (VM) and Baremetal (BM)?

My server is running slow, did I buy the right specs?



Can I obtain a trial?

Can I renew my ISP proxies and/or Server?

How to cancel my proxies and/or servers?

My proxies/servers renewed and I didn’t want it. What should I do now?

What can I use my store credit for?

Why are my orders getting cancelled instantly or getting a fraud message?

My payment didn’t go through and my purchase is still showing as suspended. What should I do?



I accidentally purchased on the wrong email. Can you transfer?

Are the proxies and/or servers auto delivery?

I am located outside of the US and I am targeting non US websites, which proxies and servers do you recommend?

Do you offer a daily server or proxy?



How can I get a partnership or discount code for my cook group?